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Enterprise mission : Create value for customers. We serves as the quality of business survival. We imported ISO9001 management mode and created organization responsibility . By a team of experienced professional QC personnel to monitor the quality of products and stop customers to use the substandard products.

Management concept : to science and technology ,depending on the quality of life, to all customers as the center. We focusing on the fulfilling the requirement of customers .We have created a network-based customer service center and organized a team of responsibility and trained. Patience to listen to customer’s need which ensure the customers get the appropriate help . We provide timely customer service sales,train and maintenance which ensure the customers fully master.

Business philosophy: integrity、quality、efficient、win-win. Faith business is the base of long term development of our enterprise. We believe that our success lies in customers’ satisfaction.“Oneself first ,and then do things”is our creed. To be an upright person dependably, to handle affairs seriously. We are working on created“mutual benefit and development among customers, our enterprise, employees,and suppliers.

Enterprise goal: set up first-class enterprises , create first-class talents . Employees are our most precious wealth, we combine “employee-oriented” with our management system and organize high performance team. All aspects of the education training system for employees,let everyone have the ability of job duties. We build good communication platform and incentive promotion mechanism which provide the platform of study and development. Together the force of the company’s employees, have positive attitude. Let our employees develop together with the enterprise.

High quality products and services is the unique symbol of the eagle and command goal.

CEE company is founded by like-minded people, is our common business.At the beginning of founding of the staff are in the industry engaged in a few years of work experienced, and now they have to work more than two decades in CEE company .They are always been the backbone of CEE and the core characters of CEE.

Chen Jinwei is the general manager of computer,communication and electronic control technology experts. In 1980,he passed the entrance examination in advance and then got into Air Force Radar Academy. After graduation ,he entered the Beijing Air Force Academy which was engaged in domestic radar and digital reconstruction of multi-axis radar test, air combat guidance system ,military command automation engineering development ,outstanding achievements,and access the certification of military technology process .

In 1989,he made the Agricultural Bank of Guangzhou developed savings network cross regional, multi medium, multi equipment (computers, business machines, sales terminals, credit card system) network which obtained very good results (now listing Corporation GRG predecessor).

In 1992 ,he entered the professional field of dimming, dimming equipment support, as import technology security (HongKong Youtu subsidiary in Guangzhou) engineer and participated in the installation and commissioning of CCTV 600 square meters of the first digital studio.

After he built Company supporting the design development, conduct of domestic digital dimming equipment production,engineering, early presided over the big Guangzhou Times Square, Zhuhai,Zhuhai new Doumen stadium, Guangzhou ocean hall, Xin'an theatre, Guangdong military auditorium, Guangzhou Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall lighting design, installation and debugging.

He deeply understood of the application requirements the user's research and created and produced of a variety of digital dimming equipment . He combined military technology, military concept and standard application of the theoretical basis and practical experience, which made some contribution to the development of China's lighting business model.

At the same time, in the company's management, adhere to the "integrity and pragmatic,prudent operation, in the work of continuous learning, accumulation, improve, Zhongshan University MBA course certificate.