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Business partner

Guangzhou Feiying stage equipment Co. Ltd.: mainly engaged in professional stage lighting, intelligent lighting control, computer LED lamps, performing stage device R & D, production, sales and service, the realization of network and intelligent lighting control equipment.

Guangzhou Ruiying stage equipment Co. Ltd is mainly engaged in: stage equipment air box, aluminum alloy frame, performance stage plate production, sales and leasing.

Foshan lighting control equipment Co., Ltd.: mainly engaged in computer light console R & D, production and sales.

Guangzhou City Huaying stage design Engineering Co. Ltd.: mainly engaged in stage lighting, sound, stage machinery design, construction, consulting and services.

Guangzhou City Xin Deli Culture Communication Co. Ltd.: mainly engaged in undertaking stage engineering and stage equipment leasing business.

Hongkong Tai Yun film Audio Supplies Company Limited: mainly engaged in the stage of video equipment import and export business.

Foshan Nanhai langye Photoelectric Technology Co. Ltd.: mainly engaged in commercial civilian LED lighting production and sales, leasing and energy management service.

Guangzhou cloud Eagle data processing Co. Ltd.: specializing in cloud computing, big data development, the system implementation consultant, technical training and product agency business, and telecom business sales and agency services.

Qingyuan Linying fruit market: an area of 280 acres, mainly engaged in green seedlings, fruit trees, forest planting and sale of poultry, livestock and aquaculture scale.

Cooperation unit

Beijing Star television equipment Polytron Technologies Inc Jiaozuo Dragon Optical Film Equipment Co. Ltd.

Zhejiang Dafeng Industry Co. Ltd.

Shanghai Wen Shu AO system integration Co. Ltd.

Shanghai Chuanglian Stage Design Consultants Limited.

Shanghai Theater Academy

Guangzhou University Institute of sound like