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一:product process

1.First order products: In 1999 ,in March, Shandong Radio Technology Co. Ltd. Bought a dimming cabinet. In 1999 ,at April ,we gave the product which working and needn’t to repair so far.

2.The first set of products: in 1999, in April, Shenzhen Sawano Hikaru Audio Engineering Co. Ltd. Bought a DR-060D dimming cabinet and computer desk dimming of a GSX-75. In April,we installed and used it in Hainan Province Government Hall, it working until now.

3.The first set of air flow: in 1999 ,in June, Beijing military area command workers chorus purchase 2 sets of air flow DF-024D silicon box. The delegation performances in various parts of the country, after many years,it is stable and reliable which has been normally use and no need to repair.

4.The first CP-36/72D CEE Chinese computer desk dimming: In2001 ,in May, Zhaoqing opera group bought it which follow the delegation to Singapore, USA show, it is working now.

5.The first CP-500 China / English computer desk dimming: In 2002 ,in July, Zhaoqing Star Arts Company bought it which has been normally used and establish a good reputation in the engineering performance.

二:the industry's first product (concept)

(1)6 Road (6KW/ Road) digital silicon case: in 1996 October, the successful development of the DMX512 signal by CPU direct decoding triggered 6 Road (6KW/ Road) digital silicon box (at that time the industry for the DMX512 signal received by CPU, the reduction of D/A to 0 -- 10V analog signal (i.e. decoder) by semi digital analog circuit silicon box trigger).

(2)To prevent the short circuit of the controllable silicon burn technology: 1997 June, improvement of silicon controlled and photoelectric isolation trigger (by splitting the core components of the light regulating circuit) and selection, packaging and other means, to protect the SCR flow in short circuit state without damage.

(3)Overvoltage prevention technology: in 1997 October, the DMX512 signal by photoelectric isolation and short circuit transient overvoltage protection technology, successfully resolved at that time due to the DMX512 signal line overvoltage accident occurred when burned dimming Taiwan and other silicon box phenomenon, and the development of current widely popular DMX512 signal isolation distribution amplifier. The company's products have never been burned or dimming silicon box phenomenon.

(4)Dimming cabinet full digital trigger: in 1997 March, the successful development of full digital direct decoding SCR dimmer cabinet trigger (industry is still semi digital state by D/A conversion)

(5)12 Road (4KW/ Road) digital silicon case: in 1999 May, the successful development of the 12 Road (4KW/ Road) digital silicon box.

(6)Controllable silicon dimmer cabinet full duplex intelligent dual decoding: in 1999 May, the first in a standard and technical protection system, the development and application of the digital dimming cabinet, full duplex intelligent dual decoding, automatic switch monitoring, configuration in the Cee DR series of silicon dimmer cabinet, the continuous working time of 13 years (available the theoretical calculation value).

(7)Digital wireless remote control device of light: in 2000 March, the successful development of digital wireless remote control of optical device, which greatly facilitates the user to find the number of operation, light.

(8)Digital distributed field lamp system: in 2000 May, the successful development of digital light processing system in distributed environment, the control panel of up to 16.

(9)Air flow: 2000 July, silicon box industry for the first time 24 road scene dimming Taiwan and multifunctional power supply box with air flow into the silicon box, its unique 24 road scene dimming Taiwan, dual backup 24 decoder, DMX signal isolation amplifier, the total power line input socket and switch equipment, the Cee DF air flow silicon box series has become a model for reliable, safe, convenient, flexible.

(10)Light color change control Become CP-500 series "chameleon" / English computer dimming (color change) console: 2001 October, after more than a year of research and development at home and abroad, learn from Taiwan technology in a body and light color change in the Become / English computer control panel, which is convenient for use, function a strong, stable performance, reasonable price advantages by the majority of users quickly recognized, and with its unique backup features to provide users with higher security.

(11)X8silicon cabinet zero trigger: 2002 May, with a digital filter, real zero trigger function with Cee series DR dimming cabinet, effectively overcomes the DMX512 signal in the process of transmission error code to load lamps (equipment) influence, ensure the correct control on / off switch.

(12)DP-A06D intelligent silicon box: in 2003 , in May, the unique double DMX512 control signal, 1024 trigger accuracy, preheating, limiting, dimming curve selection and other intelligent features, and only the high-end PC machine cabinet with light status report and display are introduced, become the most intelligent x8silicon box. One of the most intelligent dimming silicon box.

Funny stories:

One problem: the global silicon cabinet can be used?

In 2001,in August, "Shenzhen scenery" project near the opening, but because of the tight schedule, the project is not fully completed. The square stage lighting sound engineering no installation and debugging, and rehearsals, performances of review should be, how to do? We should ask the silicon industry mainly temporary cabinet at the edge of the stage, it is the use of temporary. Can one night of heavy rain, the poor drainage water everywhere, the cabinet had poor silicon in the water near meters deep. Second days of course can not be used, it should be scrapped? No! According to the manufacturer's Guide to clean up dry, re install a try. Hey, no problem..! God.

Question two: silicon cabinet not tune will do?

in 2001 in August, "Shanwei hall" project is nearing completion, 2 sets of CEE DR 090D (S) silicon cabinet has been in place, and even the lamp load line, input line connection and debugging power in total power. Coincidentally, a central group just at this time to perform in Shanwei, this project is also the government project, so the order: don't have to create the conditions, the temporary power supply to me.

So pick up the temporary power supply use. Really, all the normal operation of equipment, stable performance, smooth to complete. Everybody relax tense mood. To look for the silicon cabinet, on the temporary power line is not closed large cabinet door, no effect caused by exhaust heat radiation, anti - interference choke due to high temperature from the thick smell. A piece of silicon... Can not burn out.