DR-060D、DR-072D、DR-096D、DR-120D Double Digital Dimmer Rack

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  • Brand:    CEE
  • Type:    DR-060D、DR-096D、DR-120D

DR-060DDR-072DDR-096DDR-120D Double Digital Dimmer Rack

Function and performance

  ●Brand-new appearance design with compact structure rational heal dissipation structure ,high efficient dust filter and powerful low noise fan prolong the service life of equipment

  ●Digital duplex intelligent dual decoder designed based on military standard , stave decoder will take the work in 0.11 second automatically if the main decoder breaks down and show the wrong place ,which assure the reliance and stability of the system

 ●High efficient anti-interference magnet ring protect the AV equipment from interference .Defend to strike by lighting and high –voltage , assure the equipment safe ,Scene retain without DMX signal suddenly for preventing blackout.

 ●Dimmer and power match easily .From 60 dimmers to 120 dimmers is available , 3kw or 6kw power.

●The whole equipment passed the First Grade Equipment of International Standard. It can allot the signal and voltage equally. Multifarious control signals and lighting control curves for user to choose.

● Input and output power supply can be connected from top or bottom

●  60 or 72 or 96 channel outputs(6kw/channel)*120 channel outputs(3kw/channel)

Technical Parameter:

●Power:3-PH 5-wire/monophase 3-wire 50Hz±1Hz

●Mono-phrase at AC220V±10%(AC)

●Dimmer module :6kw or 3kw

●Control signal:DMX-512(digital) ventilation

●Temperature: -10℃~+35℃ no smoke and dust

●Humidity: 20%~90%, Work bar: 86~106Kpa

Order Information





60channel(6kw/channel),digit lighting



96channel(6kw/channel),digit lighting



120 channel(3kw/channel),digit lighting