CP-12D/A ,CP-24D/A ,CP-36D/A Digital Dimmering Console

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  • Brand:    CEE
  • Type:    CP-12D/A ,CP-24D/A ,CP-36D/A

Function and performance: 

CP-12D/A:contains 12faders,which can be 12 SUB as well;3 effect starters,12 channels output.

CP-24D/A:contains 24 faders ,which can be 24 SUB as well;4 effect starters(two of them can be as A/B CUE controlled manually);24 channels output.

 CP-36D/A:contains 24 faders, which can be 36 SUB as well; 4 effect starters(two of them can be as A/B CUE performed manually);36 channels output.

Scenes can be performed manually, and the console contains ADD/SWOP two flash effects.

DMX address can be changed facility. 

Technical parameter:

Voltage :AC220V±10%,50Hz±2%.

Output:DMX-512(1990)(option:0-10V analogy signal output);output channels:12,24,48.

Environmental temperature:-20℃~+45℃.

Relative humidity:20%~90%.

Working environment: Ventilating well, and where there is not a large amount of smoke and dust.