CP-600 “WANGLONG” English Computer Lighting Console

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  • Brand:    CEE
  • Type:    CP-600

Function and performance:

●maximum 1024 channels,1024 DMX512 channels, 96 faders, 36 sub-masters .

 ●can patch one or two TFT monitor, the Chinese and English  user interface.

●96 fades ,36 sub-masters (9 pages), 4 effect starters.

●2000 scenes, 99 effects (99 steps), 1000 groups, 99macros

● USB flash memory function.

●military technology, and component adopt ,Dual power unit and dual machine backup function .Backup machine can pre-store more than 100 scenes to secure operation.

●with Chinese-English help system. May retrieve and read the lighting console information at ease, facilitates the user.

●can upgrade and promote the TCP/IP network and optical outputs, and with light-controlled  Ethernet.

Technical Parameter:

● working voltage: AC220V±10%,50Hz±2%

●output signal: DMX-512(1990).

●may select purchase the TCP/IP network signal output, and optical fibre outputs       

●ambient temperature: - 20℃±45℃

● relative humidity: 20%-90%      

●working conditions: Ventilates good, not massive mist and dust